Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
Beef Chuck Roast
T-Bone Steak
Baby Back Ribs

Whole Brisket
Polish Sausage
Fresh Ground Chuck
Porter House Steak

  • North Oak has the best meat ever! Yes, I mean the best! I believe it is the best meat in the Midwest. I drive all the way from Illinois to buy my meat! The steaks are superb and the ground chuck is Awesome!–Tina Hayes, Collinsville, IL

  • Can I get a menu or some prices on your meat and when buying a bundle can you get half beef and half pork–Brady Benson-Gonzales IL

  • Hi there. Do you sell organic meat? If so what meat and cuts? Thank you!–Amy Jo Purdy

  • As you may not be aware, your new website (very nice) isn’t working when selecting meat prices. So with that in mind, please send me a price for the what I am calling my “Grill Order.”
    1 box (if you still sell them) of hamburger patties (20, I think it used to be)
    3 1-lb. hamburger
    4 8oz chicken breasts– Paul Lagle