Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

Beef Chuck Roast

T-Bone Steak

Baby Back Ribs

Whole Brisket

Polish Sausage

Fresh Ground Chuck

Porter House Steak

North Oak has the best meat ever! Yes, I mean the best! I believe it is the best meat in the Midwest. I drive all the way from Illinois to buy my meat! The steaks are superb and the ground chuck is Awesome!–Tina Hayes, Collinsville, IL

Can I get a menu or some prices on your meat and when buying a bundle can you get half beef and half pork–Brady Benson-Gonzales IL

Hi there.  Do you sell organic meat?  If so what meat and cuts?  Thank you!–Amy Jo Purdy

As you may not be aware, your new website (very nice) isn't working when selecting meat prices.  So with that in mind, please send me a price for the what I am calling my "Grill Order." 1 box (if you still sell them) of hamburger patties (20, I think it used to be) 3 1-lb. hamburger 4 8oz chicken breasts– Paul Lagle