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During the holidays, most families prepare in advance to serve a special holiday meal. North Oak Quality Meat Market is here to help you select the meat that will make your family meal a memorable one.

We have a wide array of fresh, tender meats, USDA inspected to plan your holiday meal. While Thanksgiving holiday meals normally revolve around a turkey dinner, other meats, such as ham, rib roast, beef tenderloin, rack of lamb or brisket also make great choices.

We can help you decide on the amount of meat that is needed for the number of guests you are expecting and prepare specialty cuts if you’re following a specific recipe. Please check with us early so that your order is available at our deli counter when expected. Consider one of our popular meat bundles during the holidays, as well as our fresh packaged and block cheeses to complement your meal choice.

Looking for that special holiday gift? We have gift certificates available. See store for details.